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Started in 1890, New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company has achieved a reputation for excellence in manufacturing during our long history. Over that time we have designed and built more than 250 types of high quality wire stitching and bag closing machines.

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A subsidiary of Precision Automation® Company, Inc. since 2000, New Jersey Wire has benefitted from this manufacturing expertise to provide a high level of quality of parts, service and after sales support that our customers have come to expect. As an ISO 9001certified company, we have a system in place for continually improving our products and manufacturing processes.

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New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company makes wire stitching equipment for cardboard, metal, textiles, plastics and almost anything else that needs to be fastened together. With Precision Automation’s design and build capability, we are able to offer customized and engineered solutions for both your stitching and manufacturing needs.

Our customers have learned to count on the reliability of New Jersey Wire machines. Because of their simple design and rugged construction, our machines are extremely durable and require little maintenance.