Model L

Model L Pedestal Pedestal Model

The Model L machine is a highly diversified machine used in many industries. Available in both a Pedestal and Bench model to suit customer needs, it offers a wide range of crown widths and is adaptable to many wire sizes. The standard crown is 3/8" and the standard wire sizes are either 25 Gauge round or 20 X 25 Gauge flat. This machine is capable of stitching materials up to 3/16" thick.

With over 23,000 machines built, it has a proven record of longevity and durability. This machine has been used to stitch header cards, book matches, stick flags, lampshades, air filter frames, gloves, handbags and many more items.

Built with parts of cast iron and tool steel, these machines are durable and easy to operate. The few moving parts add up to a machine that is meant to give many years of reliable service.

Capable of producing 350 staples per minute it has a footprint of only 14" X 16". It comes equipped with a 1/3 HP motor that operates on 115 VAC house current. You can just uncrate it, plug it in, and be operating within minutes.

Model L BenchBench Model

Model L Operating Video

Machine Specifications

  • Capacity: 3/16" Thickness
  • Throat: 10"
  • Height to Stitching Point:
    • 34"
    • 38"
    • 42"
  • Width of Stitch (Crown):
    • 3/8" Standard
    • Other sizes available
  • Standard Wire Sizes:
    • #25 Round (.021" dia.)
    • 20 X 25 (.034" X .020")
    • #1 Hy-Bar (.020" X .060")
    • Other sizes available
  • Speed: 350 Stitches per Minute
  • Standard Motor: 1/6 HP, 115 VAC, 1 Ph
  • Foot Switch Controlled
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